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Learn About Decorative Paint Finishes

The marbling effect is one of the most ways to decorate paint finishes. Oil based paint and glaze are used together with a faux finish to achieve the marbling effect. It has been over a long period of time to give an illusion of marbled stone. The use of this method of creating a decorative paint finish is usually driven by costs as well as practicality. Marble stone are usually expensive to buy and involve an additional expense to transport, therefore; people prefer not to use the actual marbles. It is usually a difficult task to transport marble stone from area to another, and they are also heavy.

It is advisable for a person to avoid as much as possible using the actual marble stones because it is expensive to use them and they are also heavy, therefore you should use the marbling effect. When load bearing walls, as well as beams, are needed, architects together with builders substitute the real marble stone with a marbling effect. When heat and pressure are exerted on limestone, marble stones will be formed because crystallization will occur resulting in many colors being created. Impurities and minerals in the molten rock create a vein like structure that gives the marble stone its beauty.

The cloud-like appearance of a marble stone as well as it being translucent enables it to play several tricks with light. The marbling effect has been used during the past centuries as well as presently. Learning how to create a faux finish that is the marble effect requires a person to be patient and determined to to acquire this skill. You should consider the nature of the area where you want to apply the marble effect. Pillars and fireplaces form the best areas where you can apply the marble effect since they will also look good when natural stone is placed there.

The marbling effect can also be used on the walls of a home setting that has a big space. It is advisable that you make sure that the surface where you will apply the marbling effect is dry and smooth to enable you to mimic the surface of natural polished stone. The most recommendable base coat is a white coat, and you should give it time to dry up. In order for you to create a marble effect you need a white spirit, a mutton cloth, scumble glaze, artists oil colors such as white, black or grey and a softening brush. Creating a decorative paint finish will ensure that your home becomes more beautiful and attractive.

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